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Hip Pocket Palm Version

Companion to HIPPO

   Startup Splash Screen
  Your personally customized HIPPO framework is downloaded into the palm device.
  Here ou can access your Subsystems. You can also make the entire System "Not applicable" (notice the "N" at the bottom of the window) from your palm.

All your Types also appear in the list, and by clicking on on, it moves over to the selected column on the right side. If you have a comment, the button changes color so you know there is one there.

You can decide if the item is Satisfactory, Not applicable, or any one of 2 non-conformity levels.

You may also Flag this item, so that when you synchronize with your computer, you have instant access to any flagged for further clarification.

  By clicking the Comments button, or if you have a "Quick Comment," you will be taken to the comments window for that particular section. You will have access to all of your item specific comments from the comment pool at the touch of your palm.

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