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InspectWare provides inspection software for home, septic and chimney inspectors so they can create electronic inspection reports for printing or e-mailing.

Unlike other inspection software tools, our framework system is completely flexible and 100% customizable. And we do it fast.

A module for septic inspections is now available. Call 877-277-8844 for Information.

HipPocket, our Palm based inspection software, is fully integrated with InspectWare and is light weight way to perform your home, septic and chimney inspections.

InspectWare's inspection software ships with a defined framework based on years of inspection experience. You can start inspecting minutes after installing!


Version 5

New version is here: final beta 30 day trial - download

After a lot of thought and feedback from current customers, the new version of InspectWare software, Version 5, is in final testing and early distribution to beta test- ers.

The new version has changes that make it much easier and faster, as well as in line with our industry changes and compatible with the newest versions of windows.

  1. The Photo handler has been updated making photos much easier to locate and install.
  2. You will be able to select what goes into the summary and not all minor items need to be displayed in the summary, it will be your choice.
  3. You will be able to import client information and more information into fields. You will find it much easier to manage new and recurring clients.
  4. Now the files have been put in one place and the userís directory will make it easy to find and more compatible with the newest versions of Microsoft Windows.
  5. Many other small tweaks have been made to the software to make it both faster and smoother. For our palm users, we have been able to make it work one more time but hot sync will not work on a 64-bit system without a blue tooth connection on the computer. The palm device is no longer made and this will be the last support for it. At this point, the next upgrade for a handheld will likely be Android.
When beta testing is complete, InspectWare Version 5 will be available via download from the www.inspectware.com site.




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